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Friday, January 07, 2005  

Momento Mori or joining the Great Satan
It is with much regret that I announce the abandonment of this my blog. The reasons I give are below.

Guaranteed salary with a tax rate of between 6 and 16%.
Before tax bonus of 16% as a nominally domiciled Brit forced to work in Brussels

Allowances p.c.m.
Head of Household allowance. Approx 150 Euro
Child allowance. Approx 350 per child (One and one arriving in March)
Schooling allowance. A measley 15 Euro, but that is only pre school, things get lots of fun as they get older.
Free healthcare for me spouse and child
Pension rights (Index linked)
Two extra days holiday a year due to voting in the Hebrides.
And those are the ones I know about.

In order to get this I have to turn up to work and perform my duties as an official in the European Parliament...

Those duties,

I am from this week the Head of Media for the Independence and Democracy Group in the Parliament. Which essentially means that the splendid European taxpayer is paying me to throw stones at the project.
Specific duties, attacking the European Constitution, fraud and the lack of transparency in the European institutions.
Oh did I already say I was going to get paid to do this.

Diabolic laughter stage left...

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