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Wednesday, December 15, 2004  

Unhappy bunnies
Comiserations to two Tory MEPs. Giles Chichester and Philip Bushill-Matthews.
Giles was beaten by Timothy Kirkhope in his bid to become leader of the Tory delegation. The competition was between those two and Chris Heaton Harris. The first round of voting was as such.

Giles Chichester 10
Timothy Kirkhope 9
Chris Heaton Harris 9

C H-H representing the eurosceptic faction, Giles the Phile faction and TK the do what the manifesto says faction.

As the bottom two tied they had to draw lots, with Kirkhope winning. This meant that Giles who had lead into the second round hadn't a cat in hells chance: If the lot had gone the other way he was certain to win, as Kirkhope's supporters would naturally vote Giles rather than "rock-the-boat" Heaton-Harris. (NB. Chris was the former Chief Whip who resigned over the delegation's alliance with the federastic EPP before the election).

So bad luck Mr Chichester.

Phillip 'Bullshit'-Matthews, as he is unkindly known, must be spitting tacks however as he was worsted by Roger Helmer, professional amature and all round good egg, ib his attempt to win the post of party treasurer. Somehow resounding sceptic Roger hoovered up votes even amongst the philes, probably because, though every body agrees that he somewhat extreme in his views, everybody likes him. A classic example of Helmerism's is on the front page of the website,
"At the Waterloo monument, near Brussels, which commemorates Wellington's famous victory over the French in 1815."
Subtle our Roger isn't.

Bad luck Mr Bushill-Matthews.

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