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Friday, December 10, 2004  

There is something fishy about Pollard, methinks

All the anglobloggosphere unites I believe in wishing every good fortune, and massive sales on publishing phenomenon, Spurs fan and gent Mr Stephan Pollard, sometime of my parish.
But I note a whiff of something. Yesterday the Stephen Glover in the Speccy pours cold water on the idea it was Blunkett himself who tipped off the Screws about his ladyfriend in some bizarre doctrine of pre-emptive strike agin his lover.

Is it not reasonable to ask whether it was Pollard himself who did the dirty. Image our portly friend quietly doing the maths. Big scandal, make the subject of my big fat advance (sorry book) into a more interesting figure.
Now the tyrannical petulant outpourings of out interior minister become so much more interesting to the public. Each new headline earns Stephen more and more.

posted by Eliab | 3:28 pm
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