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Friday, December 17, 2004  


Further to my comments earlier, it seems that Jack Straw has claimed that there is 'overwhelming support' amongst the British public for Turkish EU membership.

"In Britain I'm happy to say there is widespread agreement across the political parties in favour of Turkey joining the European Union and overwhelming support in the British public and that's great news because we in Britain recognise Turkey as a European nation as one which has the same values as we have."

How does he know that?

Well, in my continuing search into public opinion on this matter I have discovere that there has been a poll, conducted by French organisation Ifop. Have to ask Anthony about this lot)
According to them the breakdown in Europe is something like this;

Yes No Dunno
Spain 65 18 17
Italy 49 24 27
UK 41 30 29
Germany 33 55 12
France 32 67 1

This poll was for the Figaro on Monday.

So some support for the Foriegn Secretary's view there but I would hardly describe 41% as "overwhelming".

Mr Wells points out in my comments that,

The Yougov poll in the Sunday Times this week asked about Turkish entry.

Support 30%
Oppose 42%
Don't know 28%

Overwhelming support then

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