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Monday, December 13, 2004  

Odd attack

In a post last week, newish Tory anony-blogger The Candidate, launched an outspoken attacki aginst fellow candidate James Bethell. Despite claiming to be attempting to be good in a message to chief party dominatrix and she who must be obeyed Trish "The Baroness" Morris, she, for it is a she (should narrow things down then) she strongly suggests that he fixed the result that gave him a candidacy in Tooting. After talking about the possibility of
"There is also a view among some that who your parents are counts for a lot. Nowadays, clearly, this is rubbish … usually … and probably no more true for us than the other parties. Frankly we cannot afford to restrict our view to such a small, and mixed ability, field. Even so, was the son of a well-known Lord and former MEP who got selected in a south west London seat (no names again, but it rhymes with “hooting”) really the best candidate – in a seat apparently infamous for selecting the “wrong” candidates".
Wow, and she hasn't even been elected yet. Looking forward to that. Should be fun.
Good luck whoever and wherever you are. A bit more forthrightness never did us any harm.
For that matter I don't know James Bethell, but I did/do know his father. He seems pretty good on paper, taken advantage of his advantages and made them better. No crime there, and if I had built up a 60 million business I would feel confident that I had something to offer society.

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