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Thursday, December 16, 2004  

If this is true, then this is doomed

If Austria really is 75% against and 14% in favour of Turkish membership, then there will be hell to paty if the pwoers that be continue down the road they are travelling.
This whole Turkey saga is extrodinarily revealing as to the EU mindset. There is probably not a single county in Europe where an absolute majority of the population is in favour of full Turkish membership. Indeed if the polls that I have read about this are anythi g to go by what we have is yet another example were the ppolitical and central elite are riding roughshod over the opinions and fears of their own peoples. Oddly this time I agree with them, which in itself is unusual, but there it is.

Put it this way. The Commission has its own data and opinion collection organisation, Eurobarometer. Eureobarometer, as its name suggests, measures uropean public opinion. Its subject matter is legion, for example;
33% of people who play sport in the European Union do so because it increases their self control
34% of people in the EU believe that smoking cannabis is harmless
51% of Britains concur with the statement "The European Union must have a constitution. (though I have no idea who they have been talking to to get that figurtte).

However what i wuld really like to point out is that the Commission ask questions about just about everything, but they havenever dared ask the Turkey question.
Which therefore suggests that they are riding for a fall.

posted by Eliab | 10:50 am
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