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Thursday, December 16, 2004  

Freedom of Speech/ Belgium constitutional referendum

This is a fascinating article to follow up my comments earlier this week.
Please note the reason awhy people should not be allowed to decide about the Constitution of their own country,

Elio Di Rupo, leader of the French-speaking Socialists, said some parties might abuse the referendum to campaign against Turkey's EU bid or to further split linguistically divided Belgium.
"I fear some would use this fantastic debate which the referendum would create to launch xenophobic or purely racist remarks."

I wonder if he regards the dislike of Belgium, by Belgian citizens as xenophobia. And if so then surely he is admitting that they are are not Belgians at all but foriegners, because to hate Belgium and be xenophobic would require them to be foriegn.

Hat tip The Dog

posted by Eliab | 2:18 pm
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