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Thursday, November 11, 2004  

Wait for us

Gloriously silly moment as I wandered towards the European parliament today. Brussels is dead, it is the national holiday of remembrance, but, the EU being the EIU the institutions continue working. For to have a day off today would be seen as an insult to the Germans.
Anyway as I crossed Rue Belliard next to the Parliament I noted a small demonstration. A phalanx of block red and block blue flags were being carried to the accompaniment of a military band (the band cunning concealed with a small Citroen).
The demo was a civil service affair of about 50 people, complaining about the Bolkestein Directive. However the funny aspect of the affair was the sight of about ten types hurtling down the road to catch up with the demonstrators. This lot, fat and scant of breath carried their own flags – “The Green EFA Group in the European Parliament”. It became apparent that they were bored and looking out of their windows when they spotted the demo. Well what are Greens for other than marching pointlessly so out they dashed with their suspiciously newly minted demo flags.
A shower. I asked one of them what the demo was about and his answer
“Workers rights” I suppose could be accurate, but when pressed he got agitated and refused to answer.
Maybe he objected to the poppy I was wearing, or maybe he hadn’t a clue.

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