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Wednesday, November 10, 2004  

Today I invite the Belgian authorities to arrest me

According to the decision by the Court of Cassation yesterday,

"By ‘belonging to’ a group or society is meant that the culprit [...] is a part of the group or society [...]. It is not necessary for him to have conducted any activities within the group or society. Similarly, ‘cooperating,’ by which is meant any form of support for the functioning of the group or society, does not imply the execution of criminal acts. The punishability of ‘belonging to’ and ‘cooperating’ follows from the mere knowledge that the group or society, to which one belongs or with which one cooperates, [...] commits discrimination."

In the past in my journalism and through my magazine I have “co-operated” with the Vlaams Blok. By “co-operation” I mean that I attacked the initial verdict of the Ghent Court as a politically motivated attack on democracy.
What is more I take this opportunity to do so again, and thus compound my crime. Belgium is no longer fit to be regarded as a democracy, nor is it fit to be regarded as a liberal tolerant society. By acting in this way it merely hastens the day when it will collapse.
If observers have been watching over the past few years this is no real surprise, the arrst and detention of journalists and the sequestering of their sources (not just Tillack). The disgraceful activities of the state over the Brabant killings, the Dutroux case and the Ballet Rose.

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