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Monday, November 08, 2004  

Sorry about the hiatus.

For some unknown reason I had to go to Curacao and discuss asphalt lakes – as you do.
I can tell you now that they are big black and smelly. What is more they don’t move very fast. What this meant is that I was generally off line – generally reliant on US TV and thus watched the US elections in the same way that most Americans did. And bloody hell I did not really understand quite what people meant by the liberal media bias until I spent three days watching the channels first bang the drum, then hold a candle then commiserate with Monsieur Kerry. My favourite moment was a half hour programme on CNN on election morning in which the reporter wandered around Iraq and could not find a single person who had a single positive thing to say about the Americans, almost all Iraq’s that expressed a preference said that their cats preferred Kerry. Oh really.

Oh and despite being the Caribbean, it rained all day every day. Not that I expect sympathy.

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