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Monday, November 08, 2004  

Melancholic thoughts.

Today I contemplated heresy. Today I thought, nay daydreamed about renouncing British nationality. I am serious; it was that bad.
But as I pondered the truly vile reporting that has gone on about both the American elections and the murder of the Dutch filmmaker I stumbled upon a problem.
As a proud Brit, nay Englishman, could I possibly take US citizenship yet still hold that my loyal oath to HMQ? I really don’t know. Must I renounce my loyalty to the Queen to take US nationality? Could I cheat?
So much of what I admire about the US is stuff derived from our common ancestors. But it seems to me that the stuffing was knocked out of my country and my countrymen. Today I look around and it make me weep.
Britain – I cannot bring myself to call it Great Britain any longer, is governed by a bunch of malicious moral dwarves. People who despise that which they cannot understand and thus almost everything of worth and beauty in my, and their country.

I am sure I will get over this but try reading a newspaper…

posted by Eliab | 9:45 pm
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