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Thursday, November 18, 2004  

MacShame again
As regular readers know, I have a thing about our dreadful Minister for Europe. But Somehow I missed this prize piece of balls that he wrote in September for the Guardian. However now that it has come to my attention, well I thought you should all see the lies and shadow boxing this dreadful little man goes in for.

“At a conference in Italy I share a platform with various social democratic luminaries and with Vaclav Klaus, the president of the Czech Republic; Wolfgang Schüssel, the chancellor of Austria; and José María Aznar, the former Spanish prime minister. All are key players in the new European right”.

So far so uncontentious
“None have any interest in the rabid anti-Europeanism of today's Tories. It is not that they are uncritical supporters of Brussels - far from it. In a true sense they are all Eurosceptics - applying sceptical reason to what Europe does or does not do, should or should not do.”

Eh?Is that the same Vaclav Klaus who said this,
"The enemies of free societies today are those who want to burden us down again with layer upon layer of regulations. We had that in communist times. But now if you look at all the new rules and regulations of EU membership, layered bureaucracy is staging a comeback.",
and this
"you cannot have democratic accountability in anything bigger than a nation state."
and this
“Let us move to Europe of economic freedom, to Europe of small and non-expanding government, to Europe without state paternalism, to Europe without pseudomoralizing political correctness, to Europe without intellectual snobbism and elitism, to Europe without supranational, all-continental ambitions”?

Nah can’t have been that one, must have been a different bloke, or of course you might be lying for effect Denis.
There again I would hardly describe Schüssel as Right, or even Centre-right, more, to borrow a nautical expression, Centre by centre right. Azanar is a sort of NuLabour style right winger – Atlanticist but centrist.

“But none of them are proposing to pass national laws - as Michael Howard says he will do over fishing - which would be in breach in the treaties and, if serious, mean the UK quitting the EU. Are there are any Conservatives of the new generation who will speak up against the new isolationism promoted by the Conservatives?”

Oh this is priceless Denis. Are you seriously suggesting that because Austria and the Czech Republic are not calling for repatriation of their traditional fishing grounds then they have no similarity to Howard’s Tories. Oh yes, and Spain, a country that does better than any by raping the seas around the British Isles, including the Irish Box. Be serious.

And hasn’t a whole tranche of your own front bench tried to suggest that they would like to repatriate Regional funding. That’s right Denis, that’ll be your chums Gordon Brown, Patricia Hewitt and John Prescott. Gordon himself must have gone along with somnethingwriotten by his own department. But what is this we find?
Oh his boss has approved and signed the European Constitution which includes these words,
"The Union shall also support the achievement of these objectives by the action it takes through the Structural Funds (European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund, Guidance Section; European Social Fund; European Regional Development Fund), the European Investment Bank and the other existing financial instruments."

What do you reckon, wrest our waters from EU control, impossible, but wresting regional funds from Greece, Spain Portugal and the entire collection of enlargement countries, easy?. Come off it.

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