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Tuesday, November 16, 2004  

Democracy - Piffle
This news came out last Friday. I like everybody else I know missed it (Ok not everybody - thanks for pointing it out Mike).
The Parliament has been banging on for years about its ability to force the Commissioners to be individually accountable. Indeed it was this attitude that fed the frenzy surrounding the defenestration of Rocco Butiglione. However what is shocking is that when it came to an ex-communist the parliaments own governing body, the Conference of Presidents, decided that the Committee that would be questioning would be unabler to vote about his suitability to be taxation Commissioner.

Thus this undermines any suggestion that the sacking of Rocco was anything other than an anti-Berlusconi/catholic measure. After all it was the refusal of the Committee questioners to support Burtiglioni, Udre and Kroes and Kovacs in their hearings that precipitated the crisi. This time the political leadership has decided that the MEPs should not have a second (right wing) bite of that particular cherry.

The hearings took place today, no votes were allowed and the new Commission will be confirmed later this week, shorn of an honest right wing philosopher.

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