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Monday, November 22, 2004  

Bloody Foreign Railways Is that better Richard?

Today I took the train from Brussels to The Hague. All well and good, until it parked itself somewhere between Antwerp and Rosendaal. For an hour.
When I spoke to the conductor I asked if I could get compensation. After all the train arrived in the Hague more than one and a quarter hours late, this more than fity percent of the journey time. The conductor laughed at the very thought of it. I asked him what was the normal procedure when the trains were that late.
"It happens all the time sir. I advise you to sit there and shut up", was the answer.

Now I will admit that the guy was talking to me it what was probably his third or fourth language, not bad for a train conductor. But still I reckon that even post privatisation British train companies behave better than this monopoly

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