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Sunday, October 24, 2004  

When did football become an arm of Government?

Richard Caborne the inmfamously incompetant and unsporting fellow the government employs to bugger up the free action of sports has now decided to nationalalise the Football Associaton.
Does this heavy handed bunch of no-nothing meddlers have nothing better to do? Or will they not be satisfied until every last dot and speck of our public private and internbal lives are governed regulated and otherwise interferred with?
Don't answer that.
Just look at the redcord of Caborn
Attempting to order a private organisation to pay vast sums of money to a former Labour donor.
Jumping on the Amir Khan bandwagon and threatening the English Amateur Boxing Association thus "The English Amateur Boxing Association need to look at themselves and ask if they are fit for the purpose."

posted by Eliab | 9:18 pm
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