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Friday, October 29, 2004  

What is brown, smells a bit and is dishonest?

Russell Kennedy who resides at an address that is near perfect in its suburban marvellousness, viz: Lupin Drive, Springfield, Chelmsford, Essex, is so far up Tony’s backside that with a casual glance you would hardly spot his heels. And they would of course be the most apt part of his anatomy.
His crime, a minor one I suppose but one, that in my eyes at least stinks of the casual dishonesty of the congregation of crooks who govern us.

He has written a letter to the Wells journal in which he states such stuff as
“Since 1997, unemployment is down 40 per cent in the Wells constituency, and the New Deal (welfare reform, opposed by the Liberal Democrats and the Tories) has helped almost 1,000 into work, while the minmum wage, also voted against by Lib Dems and Tories alike in Parliament, has increased the wages of many in the workforce.”

This is followed by,
“Equally, the Labour government's reform of tax credits and childcare investment in the constituency she wishes to represent are dismissed as "complex", rather than recognising the 7,500 alone who benefit from child tax credits, and the thousands now able to access increased childcare facilities.However, in stating that NHS targets are "meaningless", she not only ignores the reality in the Wells constituency of falling waiting lists (though hardly meaningless to those who have benefited most from that government target, ie patients), she completely fails to even acknowledge the visible increases in NHS investment on her intended new "doorstep".
or in other words equally mendacious drivel.

Ok so the poor misguided fool supports the government.Ah, but here is the rub, he forgets to mention that he is a Labour candidate and former Labour councillor. Hope he gets a better seat next time than West Chelmsford.

And yes I am a former Tory candidate

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