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Thursday, October 07, 2004  

Thrills and spills to share

I think I have spotted an example of the problem with modern day conservatism.

Ok, not the problem, but one of the myriad problems swirling round its noble but ragged head. A slight sense of the absurd seems to have left them if this missive sent out from the Carlton club is anything to go by,

The Carlton Club Political Committee are planning a very exciting seminar on the subject of Pensions: Proposals for Funding Retirement to take place at the Club on Monday 22nd November next.

Very exciting I am sure,

The Seminar will be chaired by the Director of Politeia, Dr Sheila Lawlor,and the principal speaker will be David Willetts MP, Shadow Secretary ofState for Work and Pensions, as a preliminary to the publication of his pamphlet on the subject of pensions.

I am, as it were, frothing with anticipation.

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