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Thursday, October 14, 2004  

This farce will cost lives - even more lives

Abdullahi Yusuf has just been declared the Somali President. With winning understatyement the problems he faces are described by the BBC hackette,
"he is not hugely popular in Mogadishu but he is expected to try to overcome this by naming some of the faction leaders from the capital in his new cabinet".
That sounds like a great idea. These people have killed more than those on charges in the Hague. Sounds like the people of Mogadishu will be besides themselves. But she goes on,
"On Wednesday, a rally in support of Mr Abdullahi was cancelled in Mogadishu after threats from gunmen".

Of course the real problem is what to do with Somaliland. The independant former British protectorate has no wish to be run from Mogadishu, and will fight to stay independant. They manged to win Independance 13 years ago when they had no army. today they have a fully trained army of over 100,000.
"The people of Somaliland and its government are ready to confront any enemy that tries to violate its borders and territory with force," Information Minister Abdillahi Mohamed Du'ale said in a statement.

Though thery were invited to the talks they were told they must give up independance as a pre-requisite. So they refuse to recognise its authority. There will be war unless something is sorted out.

posted by Eliab | 7:35 pm
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