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Monday, October 18, 2004  

Nemo me impune lacessit – or what are you calling “institutional cowardice”?

I always remember this as nobody takes the piss without getting it. Or at least that was the unofficial ‘jock’ translation kindly provided to me by the Sarn’t Major.
That’ll be those inconsequential types at Radio 4’s Pm programme who will be getting it from the combined might (and hopefully dirks) of her Majesty’s 42nd and 73rd Regiment of foot, otherwise known as the Black Watch. First they baffle on about the hard time that the hopeless Hoon was having in the House. Fair dos, but it is noticeable that they only quoted those wannabe Stalinists on the back-benches who would be against the pure driven snow if it could be proved to have come from the other side of the Atlantic. Next they went to the Regiment itself out in the sands with their “embed”. Didn’t catch his name, but the studio numpty did make it clear that their chappy had ‘unimpeded’ access to the jocks.
And what did they have to say?
Precisely what you would expect them to say. “We are a reserve battalion, an ally wants us to move forward to fill in whilst they fight a battle, where is the problem with that?"
Then there was a mention that some un-named Americans were describing Britain’s leadership, both political and military as suffering from what the Beeb described as “institutional cowardice”.
It was in response to these playground taunts, the suggestion seemed to say that Britain was going to, err.. “ratchet up” our activities in Iraq.
Was that it?
‘Course not. After all, nobody associated with the regiment was prepared to say, or no doubt think, anything other than, give us a job and we will do it, what’ s more we will enjoy it’.
So the Beeb then moved to Perth, home to the 73rd. Here they vox-popped away and spoke to some shoppers who were “concerned”, and then went to the old and bold club, where they had specially turned on the radios for the old dears. Here they patronised a few old soldiers and , one of whom uttered the required word “quagmire”. At that we were back to the studio.

Where the prize chump announced that members of the Black Watch feared a quagmire.
Balls. An old man who had been fed his lines in a pensioners club, feared a quagmire. After claiming that Bush had succeeded where Johnson had failed and got the Black Watch to do his dirty work.
The leading of witness and the disgraceful attempt to get somebody associated with the regiment to attack the government is, I guess just typical, but… It really pissed me off.

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