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Saturday, October 30, 2004  

Kinnock 'will help reform Lords'

So he will sit in glorious isolation, harrass anybody who reveals his incompetance and threaten to sue any journalist who questions his wonderfulness. I think their Lordships have the measure ofthe unpleasant toad. (That being said all his staff do speak highly of him as a direct boss).
However true to form on announcing his enoblement he immediately kicked of with an illiberal approach.

"he told BBC Wales the Lords themselves would have to vote for change.
Mr Kinnock, who has been less than enthusiastic about the upper chamber in the past, said: "I've had reservations about the House of Lords.
"The point was put to me very strongly that if we are to secure change, because there is a process of reform underway, then it's going to need people to vote for that change."

Please note that, they will hacve to vote for change, or else what Neil? You going to talk them to death?

posted by Eliab | 8:11 pm
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