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Friday, October 08, 2004  

“Collegiality with leadership and vision”

In this month’s Sprout, the banality of thinking at the heart of the project is beautifully speared. Reporting on the new Commissioners joint and singular appearance before the assembled Brussels press pack for the first time.

“Had the Commissioners all read the same ‘Bluffers guide to motivational
management mottos’ before they entered the room? “Realism with enthusiasm” was one exciting logo to do the rounds. “Leadership with a fighting spirit,” added
another pumped up new Commissioner. “We need collegiality with leadership and
,” piped up another.Barroso’s Commission will be a “dynamic coalition
seeking dynamic consensus
” agreed the new EU team with a shout of joy and a
cartwheel. And finally the good news: “we need a positive agenda for Europe" said
one energetic new kid. Really?! Well that makes a change.”

Do yourself a favour and get a copy. (And yes I have resigned and am no longer the co-editor)

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