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Thursday, October 14, 2004  

Bigley murderers' 'funds' frozen

I am stunned by this news.
"Chancellor Gordon Brown told the Bank of England to give the order to all financial institutions on Thursday".

Is Gordon seriously telling us that until this week this group - who have been at war with the UK now for well over a year have been able to trade in the UK, raise funds in the UK and operate in the UK. What the devil have the goivernment, MI5, MI6, the antio-terrorist sqsquad and the rest of them been up to?

These murderers name themselves "Tawhid and Jihad". Surely it would be simpler if all organisations with the word Jihad in their title be declared illegal unless they an prove no links to any terrorist organisation. It is not as if they are hiding their bloody, and I use the word advisedly, their bloody affiliations.

posted by Eliab | 6:37 pm
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