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Wednesday, October 06, 2004  

Bet they talk about beer birds and footy like everybody else

"The talk in Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw and Tallinn is of the power of the free market, of low taxes, of private enterprise, of deregulation." Jonathan Evans the Tory MEP leader speaking today in Bournmouth came up with this prize statment. Yes I get his point but he labours it a tad methinks.

That being said it was a perfectly competant speech which seemed top achieve its aim - sounding upbeat - while carefully avoiding the elephant in the room - the prescence of so many UKIP members in the hemicycle in Strasbourg.

There was in fact a glancing reference. As he said "in the European Elections too, the Conservative Party won", but he had to deal with differing factors "Despite our achievements in June, some good colleagues were not returned to the Parliament. They represented our party and Britain with distinction. We respect the right of the electorate to choose the people they want to represent them. . I wonder if by this he was suggesting that some of those who did not return were not "good"?

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