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Thursday, September 30, 2004  

Visigoths! Invertebrates! Mountebanks! Lily-livered bandicoots!

or Independent Schools and the Stockholm syndrome

Again our yahoo government is intent on wrecking. Fresh from tearing out the heart of the countryside and emasculating the armed forces it turns its blood-crazed eyes about. With the grunt of Hyde those pools of ill-formed hate and envy alight upon their next victim.
Public Schools.

However in some mad death ritual, just like the approach of the chiefs of the General Staff and the Countryside Alliance as they cosied up to their murderer it seems that the independent schools have fallen in love with those who wish to destroy them. In a mealy mouthed response to the Parliamentary report that desires to strip charitable status from private schools, rendering them uneconomic and thus only for the super rich (Well that is apart from the European Schools – but that is a different matter).

“The Independent Schools Council (ISC) today welcomed publication of the report of the Joint Parliamentary Committee set up to scrutinise the Charities Bill.”… “ISC schools are committed to working as part of the nation’s education system and increasing their partnership with maintained schools and the wider community”.

And with that their death warrant was signed.

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