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Thursday, September 30, 2004  

They are better men than I

The only time I got into a scrap when I was doing TA stuff with the fine jocks of Glasgow's finest crowd; Princess Margaret's own Glasgow and Ayrshire Regiment, third battalion the Royal Highland Fusilierswas during basic training down in Catterick. Two of my fellow jocks and I were having a crafty fag,
"Right you 'orrible lot, go and burst into flames"
When through the window into one of those tarred wooden barrack blocks were a couple of brown chaps having a drink.
"Why the fuck are those pakis in our army".

I am not a violent man but I hit him.

Today I can honestly say I approve well give three cheers to a government action. Granting citizenship to the Gurkhas is only right and proper. Not only that those who serve us and our Queen do so in the knowledge that when they go home they are targeted by the Maoist Nepali Khmer Rouge. But why is the offer timed? Surelythe few thousand Gurkhas who might come and live in our country have earned it through their dedication, service and sacrifice.
According to the Brigade of Gurkhas Welfare Society, that means 100 Gurkhas in the UK - a quarter of the total number who live here - will not be entitled to stay.

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