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Tuesday, September 14, 2004  

Tall story

Uk Commentator hits the nail on the head with a link to this mornings Today programme interview with a Chavette about the failure of non-custodial sentances.

What was in some ways even better was the mirror piece, an item a couple of minutes later about 'saftey' Blunkett telling the police that they must be more caring of victims and how they should provide victim support and greater consideration and sensitivity.
Sensitvity be dammned, I just want them to nick villains. That'll do. Get the blighter who stole my chums wallet, broke into my flat, you name it. Get them, then persuade the CPS to prosecute and sentence them dfor a sufficient time. Dammit.
That is the consideration that this be-theived chap would like.

posted by Eliab | 12:36 pm
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