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Monday, September 06, 2004  

Mmm Tasty

An imperial Christmas pud, circa 1930.

1 lb. of sultanas (Australia)
1 lb. of currants (Australia)
1 lb. of stoned raisons (South Africa)
6 ozs. of minced apple (Canada)
1 lb. bread crumbs (United Kingdom)
1 lb. of beef suet (New Zealand)
6 ozs. of cut candied peel (South Africa)
8 ozs. flour (United Kingdom)
1 lb. of Demerara sugar (West Indies)
4 eggs (Irish Free State)
½ oz. of ground cinnamon (Ceylon)
½ oz. of ground cloves (Zanzibar)
½ oz. of ground nutmegs (Straits Settlements)
1 pinch of pudding spice (India)
1 tblsp. of brandy (Cyprus)
2 tbsps. of rum (Jamaica)
1 pint old beer (England)

leave to stand , cook for days and eat at leisure.

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