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Tuesday, September 28, 2004  

Lib Dems spin themselves out on Dorset sticky wicket

Wimborne Minster in Dorset has had a cricket team going since 1787. For most of that time the cricket has been played at Hanham’s a pitch near the centre of town. The team have leased the pitch from the local squires, the Hanhams, for much of that time.
However the lease was coming to an end and the club house had been condemned. So the Hanham trustees started talking to interested parties and concluded a deal with Waitrose. The deal was this. The cricket club would move to the other side of town near the river, but as close to the old Minster church as before. They would get a brand new club house (which would allow then to bid for minor county cricket matches – thus possibilities of earning money to support cricket in the town). The ground to be donated by the Hanham family and the club house by Waitrose.
Waitrose would get the pitch next to an old and threatened Safeways/Morrissons. And the Hanham family would get some much needed cash to help restore Deans Court – their pretty home.
However that was without the self-obsessed and incompetent Lib Dem councillor triumvirate that run the town. This trio, of which Pat Hymers DL, and Marilyn Osler sit on the planning committee of East Dorset District Council immediately launched into a “Save our cricket pitch” and “Wimborne against Waitrose campaigns”.
Of course not only are they arguing directly against the wishes of the cricket club which voted in favour of the scheme but they have buggered there own chances of having anything to do with the decision. Due to jumping on the bandwagon they are barred from being involved in the planning Committee discussion about the project.
Bliss. Better still has been the attempt by Hymers husband – 20 years a council employee, writing to the local press demanding that she be allowed to vote on the issue.
Which would, of course, be in direct contravention of laws governing members interests.
Not one of the Lib Dems has been known to attend a cricket match

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