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Tuesday, September 28, 2004  

It is cos I is a copper!!- Or Perverting the Cause of Justice

It seems that the police have decided to keep employing PC Tariq, "did I drive into your car, hospitalise you, drive off at high speed try to pressuire my family into taking the blame and then respray my car?" Mahmood.

Paul Kelly, chairman of the Police Federation for Greater Manchester, said: "We do have some officers, who are few and far between, serving with minor criminal convictions after making an honest mistake."

Honest mistake, huh? If it was an honest mistake he would have stopped an offered assistance. An honest mistake is like picking up the wriong suitcase at the airport. Not hit and run. This is Perverting The Course Of Justice


It is an offence for a person to intentionally interfere or attempt to interfere with the administration of justice, the course of which has been embarked upon.

Falsely admitting to a crime,
Police Officer abusing position to allow someone to avoid prosecution,
Making a false allegation of an offence,
Destroying and concealing evidence of a crime,
Giving another persons details when being reported for an offence.

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