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Thursday, September 23, 2004  

Is it because I is a copper?

The story of PC Tariq Mahmood is riven with questions. Why is it that he has not be sacked?
The policeman was fined "£200 for failing to stop at a road accident, £175 for failing to report an accident and a further £200 for having no insurance".

he left three people hospitalised, when he learnt that his collegues were investigating him he tried to persuade his girlfriend and sister to take the blame. (Bet the persuasion was friendly. Then when they wouldn't he blamed it on the death of his mother 5 years ago!!

Could it be that he has not had a bigger book thrown at him because he is a member of a minority community, the boys in blue?

No, well not according to the fellow himself, "I think the punishment is way over the top especially the community service."From the start the police have treated me harshly. They had me in custody for 15 hours and turned over my house - you'd think I was a terrorist or something."

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