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Wednesday, September 15, 2004  

Have more

Wandering downstairs this afternoon with sprog attached squaw style to my front, I was greeted by the landlord.
I think I may have mentioned this chap before, but if not a quick recap.
Mr Ibrahim Gecer is a Turkish Assyrian Aramaic speaker, and the churchwarden of the local Aramaic church. He is also a crook when it comes to being a landlord, but a kindly and smiling one at that.
Anyway, he saw the sprog, beamed his most beamish of smiles and started to ask when it was we are definitively moving. I talk about the end of November. All the while he is chuckling the poor runt under the chin and making cooing noises.
The cooing abruptly stops when I mention that my darling wife is again enceinte.

“That is marvellous news. We Christians must have more children. The Mussulmans, they have ten, twenty and Christendom will be overrun, so have more children, well done”Who knows, if we keep it up maybe he will cut the rent?

posted by Eliab | 10:09 pm
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