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Thursday, September 02, 2004  


Refusing to see beyond the end of yopur nose, absurd self belief and a reject of the laws of political gravity are of course required for any elected politician.

To become an MEP takes a self belief that transcends the realisation that nobody cares who you are and what you say.

then you have the Labour MEP Richard Corbett.

Referring to the EU Constitution he announced yesterday that the "overwhelming majority [of MEPs] will endorse the Constitution".

Of course they will, that's what they are for!

A proposal simply to tell national parliaments how they should vote was dismissed by several (MEPS).

UK MEP Andrew Duff pushed for the idea that MEPs would travel to national and regional capitals "to sell parliament's position on the Constitution".

He said it is likely that MEPs will be "quizzed by people who are slightly less informed and a bit more sceptical than we are".

Well yes that might happen, but the very idea that they might dictate to national Parliaments is risible, particularly when everybody expects that the ruddy thing would be passed by almost all collections of politicians, but by virtually no gatherings of people.

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