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Thursday, August 19, 2004  

Redwood hits the nail on the head
Discussing Blunkett
He is not talking Tory as he thinks. He is speaking authoritarian, pandering to the worst instincts of some Labour voters tempted by the National Front

Robespierre and the Jacobins would be proud of him. They would urge him no doubt to close Parliament Square - with the help of Ken Livingstone - and place the guillotine there for offending motorists.

David Blunkett and his colleagues in government are the new Jacobins, who, like their French forebears, are unleashing a cultural and institutional revolution. Their attempt to talk Tory and reassure the law-abiding is now a grotesque caricature, serving only to reveal just how they wish to use the threat of global terrorism and death on the roads as excuses to tighten the noose of control around the rest of us.

They demolish our proud institutions without a by-your-leave, pulling down the Lords, trying to evict the Law Lords and abolishing the Lord Chancellor, savaging the great universities, wrecking the buildings of Parliament with their authoritarian concrete blocks and steel and glass control posts. The symbols of Labour are becoming the surveillance camera overhead, the multiple question forms we need to fill in for everything and the armed policeman in the Mother of Parliaments. No wonder people feel they are now living in Prison Britain. It is high time Mr Blunkett's record was unpicked, rather than his private life.

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