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Saturday, August 07, 2004  

Public Service – Belgian style

This morning I wandered off with wife and child to pick up the paper. Our route takes us past a pretty square with a steepling fountain.
On the way we were greeted with a sight I didn’t really believe actually happened…some firemen, getting a cat down from the tree.
We were in no real rush and stopped to watch. The firetruck was joined by a police car. Two police types got out. Now we have two unformed policemen, and four firemen, all in full fig, helmets, axes, thick gloves bright yellow fire proof jackets etc.
The six of them sort of tooled around doing very little apart from pointing to the cat for the benefit of the growing crowd of gawpers like ourselves. Finally about twenty minutes later another fire truck appeared with another three firemen attached. Two of whom hopped out and got into their ladder’s gondola. So now we have two firemen in full clobber up the ladder, another two in the tree (with hose) one operating ladder, one holding other ladder, one playing with the water controls. The police at this point were indulging in crowd control.
“Stay back sir! You might get wet from the water!”
The gondola made its way up to the tree, the chaps inside the tree let rip with the hose and the cat was captured. On capture the cat is placed in a cardboard box, cats and dogs, transport, for the use of. The box is handed to one of the police, who promptly looks inside. The cat immediately leapt for freedom and scurried of into the bushes.

So we have 1 cat up tree
2 police officers – 1 car
7 firemen – 2 trucks
Simmer under a low sun for 40 minutes

1 missing cat.
Oh and one of the firemen, if the scrawl across his back is anything to go by, was called Mary

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