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Tuesday, August 24, 2004  

Our Primary Concern
How many times have you heard this bit of well meaning drivel drip from the intercoms and tannoy systems of travel companies?
Your comfort and safety is our primary concern”.

No it isn’t. Getting your passengers from A-B is your primary concern. Safety may be important but it is not primary.
How have we got to a situation that the companies themselves know that they are fibbing when it comes to making these comments and we, the passengers also know that they are lying?
Think about it. You get onto a train. If the train is very well appointed ad very secure but doesn’t in fact take you anywhere, you will not use the train.
If there is another form of transport you will take it, if it ensures that you will in fact get from A-B.
There may be a lack of comfort. There may even be a certain amount of danger. But we are able to work out for ourselves the differential benefits.

Ryan Air have even applied (the comfort aspect) of this and it works. Now on the Channel crossing we have an upstart shipping firm that so apparently models itself on the buccaneering approach of Ryan Air.
Speed Ferries.They even go so far as to have the slogan “Fight the pirates” emblazoned across their bows. However even this lot come up with the same irrelevant drivel. I expect them not to sink. There are laws and rules governing sea passage (in fact I have a feeling that the first ever health and safety regulation was the introduction of the plimsoll line in 1876) so why do they repeat the drivel? Surely there is no legal requirement to tell us that you are safe, just to be safe?

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