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Tuesday, August 03, 2004  

Great evening last night at the Cigar Chompers’

A few drink with friends in the evening sun at Richard Miniter’s conversation and drink flowed freely. The shindig was thrown at short notice to welcome the return of James Taranto, the compiler of the WSJ’s Best of the Web. James had just come out of a week in Boston covering the Democratic Convention, and was pretty scathing of the over hype that attached to the bloggers there.
From what I could gather it all seemed that the bloggers were being interviewed by the mainstream media, all looking for the same quirky angle. In turn of course the bloggers then blogged about being interviewed and so on.
With James were Flemish journalist, Paul Belien and a fine collection of comely maidens.
More events like that and I will start to feel I live in the capital of a serious entity.
Well maybe.

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