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Thursday, August 19, 2004  

The early bird catches the Moonbat.

‘Twas early in the mornin’ and the first flickers of sunlight were glancing off the shining cobble sets outside. The magazine goes to bed this morning, off to Blighty to see my oldest friend wed. And both my boiled eggs were runny. Perfect.
So I switched on the radio, to catch Farming Today.
Some blithering fool was pontificating about global food shortage. You get the picture “the world can only feed and extra 800 million or so…” “global warming reducing the exploitable land area”, “climate change”, “meat is secondary food..” (didn’t initially understand that, but something along the lines of, arable goes from the ground to people, and livestock need extra land to be fed thus, waste of space”.
What was to be done to save us from catastrophe…

A global Meat Tax, that’s what.

The only way to stop world starvation and global resource war is to tax meat!!!
This is Farming Today on the BBC, the programme for horny handed types, who have to get on with dealing with nature day in and day out.
The interviewee did concede that his idea would mean that poor people wouldn’t get to eat meat, but he seemed unconcerned.

Yes 'twas an early morning Monbiot.

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