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Friday, July 16, 2004  

When the name fits

We all know about the laywers Sue, Grabit and Runne, and no doubt all have out favourite has he got the right job for his name game. We while following up a Laban Tall piece on the absurduity of dealing with the MRSA virus (which killed one of my best friends a month agao) bu employing, a Director Of Infection Control at each hospital. Doubtless to be followed by an Assistant Director and a project team, monitors, facilitators and co-ordinators. And some secretarial support. And a PA or two. But there may be problems. Are there enough reserved car parking spaces ? And are there enough good quality hotels for all those away days, conferences and team-building exercises ?

On the British Medical association's occupational health committee, a docotor said, "Many doctors and other health professionals are apparently complacent about infection control. We need to change this perception and adopt a back to basics approach so not washing your hands becomes unacceptable."

The doctors name?

Dr Paul Grime

posted by Eliab | 11:58 am
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