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Tuesday, July 20, 2004  

Just don't start
According to Expatica Holland wants to make its Presidencuy of the EU memorable fror interferring into areas that the EU has not yet dared to go before, its  "basic values and morals".
"Christian Democrat CDA party leader Balkenende hopes an exchange of ideas at the conference will stimulate moves to create a European policy in this area".
This will of course take place at what must be the most worthless of all policy boondoggles ever yet proposed by the tax and subsidise monstrosity that is the EU.
The culmination of the programme will be a European intellectual summit entitled "A citizen for Europe", involving "prominent thinkers and influential political and societal figures."
Of course, my problem with this is that I have not been invited to attend.
However the very idea of the EU starting to build up a programme of legislation based on common morals is rightly terrifying.
Lord save us

posted by Eliab | 12:00 pm
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