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Wednesday, July 21, 2004  

European Foreign Policy in action

So it has now happened. Before the ratification ofthe Constitution, we have proof that the Common Foriegn Policy is complete.

The European Union has unanimously backed a resolution at the Untied Nations general assembly condemning Israel’s West Bank barrier

It says, and the EU (which has no vote at trhe UN, but comprises of a block of 25 votes) cast its block vote against Isreal.

What is more, according to the UN's own press release, the Block votes was represented by "The representative of the Netherlands, speaking on behalf of the European Union (EU), registered opposition to the route of the barrier. But the EU disagreed with elements of the advisory opinion and supported Israel's right to act in self-defence. The most important step was for all sides to desist from further violence".

Please note here that the Union is spoken of as a singular entity.
Well it seems it is goodnight from the proud nations of the European landmass.

Follow up
According to Haaretz, the negotiations amongst the EU member states went on until somebody blinked. It seems that that somebody was the Brits and Italians. And which country was driving support for the Palestinian position? C'mon just take a guess now... Yup

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