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Monday, July 12, 2004  

Be positive, engage with the enemy...as long as they don't engage with you

Commentator and blogger Tim Worstall, a small piece of Portugal who shall be forever England - that is until they send him home in a barrel of Madeira - has been having some fun with the Pro European pressure group, Britain in Europe.

A week or so ago he encouraged other bloggers to join him in a sabotage mission, join the organisation's web ring, and thus take the piss.

It seems that the good people at Britain in Europe have got wise to the wheeze and have blocked his membership.

OK, you can see their point, but not very open or transparent of them. I suppose it shows the mentality of those who would arrest journalists on trumped up charges, spreads right from the top to even their part time supporters. Suprised?
No of course not.

So I guess it would be only right and proper for me to encourage you all to do just the same thing, go here and sign up.

posted by Eliab | 9:13 am
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