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Tuesday, June 29, 2004  

What will they do with the information?

The Today programme this morning was waxing lyrical about some massive study being launched by the police. The plan is to interview all convicted murderers and those locked up for manslaughter. All well and good. The purpose of this study (I think it was 600 people last year) is build up a psychological profile of those who kill.
They expect the survey to confirm results found in a similar survey done in the States.
Thus people are more likely to kill if they are involved in domestic violence – or more normally put wife-beating. Interestingly there seemed to be a correlation between those who kill and those who harm animals as children.
I would be interested to hear if by this they include those who hunt. I can see the headlines now – All huntsmen are prospective killers – in the Mirror, Indy etc.
Most worrying, and that which forced me to put down the melon mush that I was shovelling into the maw of my daughter was the thought that sprung unformed in my head.
What are they going to do with the information once they have collected it and analysed it? This sort of thing is normally the preserve of academic criminologists. If the police do it then there must be a public reckoning, it being public cash after all.
So having worked out those most likely to kill, and having ordered schools to make surveys of their children, no doubt with the raucous agreement of state supplied child psychologists. What then.
Imagine, if you will a situation where, despite knowing that chap Blogs is liable to kill, the State allowed his marriage to Miss Innocent to go ahead. Then, oh horror, Blogs chops the now Mrs Blogs (nee Innocent) into tiny bits. Do not the Innocent family have a right to claim that their precious daughter was kept in the dark about his propensities? Can they now not sue the police for allowing the marriage to go ahead.
Like the ‘at risk’ register for pederasts, will we see a similar ‘at risk’ database made up of those likely to commit mortal crime?
This might all seem absurd, but with a government and governing class willing to take control of our children, and almost all aspects of our lives would they be commissioning this exercise unless they meant to do something with it?

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