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Wednesday, June 30, 2004  

Miserable losing your parents when you are young

Baibre de Brun, the winsome Sinn Fein MEP from Ulster has been pouring her heart out to the Belfast Telegraph about the misery of losing her parents tragically when she was young
"Undoubtedly one of the reasons why de Brun has spoken so little about her family is because she finds certain aspects of it too painful. When she was 25, she suffered a tragedy, with the deaths of her parents in a car crash.
"I was close to my parents and it takes a long time to deal with something like that," she says quietly. "You go through various phases and you just adapt, very gradually, to dealing with it."

Now everybodies personal misery is always ghastly, but has she ever shown a similar sympathy as she does for herself to those who have been orphaned or widowed by her PIRA pin up boys?

Amazingly she goes on,
Asked how she relaxes, she says she likes going shopping for clothes. But her increasing recognisability has made that more tricky since there are now security implications: "That's one of the things I did not foresee and that has been a very high price to pay."

I do not believe her, she cannot be that niaive, can she?
Hat tip Slugger

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