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Tuesday, June 15, 2004  

Mark Steyn hits a nail on the head

Yet already Britain's lunatic mainstream is lapsing back into its customary condescension on this issue. If your views on Europe don't fall between the broad parameters from, oh, Neil Kinnock to Chris Patten, you must be barking mad and we need pay you no further heed. The political class has refined Voltaire: I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death my right not to have to listen to you say it. Are you still here?

Steyn here is absolutely spot on. This was no protest vote against Iraq, if so the Lib Dems would have done better, it was a fully fledged raspberry to the opfficial political class. He is also right that the need for this mirrors developments in post war European politics, where grand coalitions rule year in and year out through the comfortable political banality produced by list sytem PR elections.

One interesting aspect of UKIP's sucess is that it has, at least for now, slammed the door in the face of the BNP. One of the features of continental style political sysytems is that by forcing all respectable politicians into a mushy centrist approach, it leaves great open spaces to the left and the right. These are inevitably filled by extremist parties. In the past the Tories were right wing enough and the Labour party left wing enough to give no space . Extremists could and did live with the major parties, because they knew that within their ranks were some who hed extreme views. In the post Thatcher period as the main parties have slumped together like wheezing pensioners in a broken down double bed this breathing space has allowed the growth of parties of both extremes. The elected prescence of SSP in Scotland, the Greens, the BNP and so on show this.
Maybe, at least on the right, there is ow a non-bigotted outlet for political thought.

The piece also included this laine, an attempt, but not entirely succesful to outdo PJ O'Rourke,
Pim Fortuyn got gunned down by a crazed vegetarian, the first fruitarian to kill a fruit Aryan.

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