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Friday, June 18, 2004  

"The Lord's our shepherd," says the psalm
But just in case, we better get a bomb

According to German Foreign Policy.com the German Government has agreed the export another submarine to Israel. What makes the sale of a fourth Dolphin class craft interesting is that they are equipped with torpedo tubes capable of delivering nuclear missiles. This is of course in breech of both the German Constitution and Germany’s formerly strict export guidelines which state that weapons materials may not be exported to countries which are engaged in armed conflict.

The deliveries of the weapons also contradict Article 26 of the German Constitution because they are likely to disturb “the peaceful relations between peoples". EU guidelines also forbid the export of war materials to “areas of tension".

The weapons sales are in accord with the wishes of the German armaments industry which also sells to Arab Governments thus also supplying Tel Aviv's enemies.
Scarier still the article suggests that Germany is promoting its own ‘road map’, one that will have precious little support elsewhere.
“According to these ideas Israel should give up the Negev in the South and agree to a horizontal border at the level of Beersheba according to a study from the quasi-official German Society for Foreign Policy (DGAP)2 The circa 900,000 Israelis living in Southern Israel are to be transferred to the West Bank while the circa 1.2million Arabs there are to be sent to the Negev desert.
Israeli military installations like the Atomic weapon factory at Dimona and Airforce bases like Chatzerim are should be ,,moved to the North". This plan is to be carried out under ,,international" auspices in particular by the European Union the author of this DGAP study Professor Dr Erwin Haeckel writes.

Haeckel is not only active at the DGAP but also in German military circles. He supervised a ,,valuable and very helpful" study of ,,Soldiers and Leadership corps in the Armed Services"3) published by the Social Studies Institute of the German Army. Haeckel is also a supporter of Germany being a ,,civil nuclear power" and is an adviser to the International Atomic Energy Authority in Vienna.”
I would link to the FAZ article but it is beyond a subscription firewall here

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