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Friday, June 04, 2004  

EU Bilderberg
participants 2004 Stresa, Italy

Frits Bolkestein - European Commissioner Internal Market DG
Mario Monti European - Commissioner Competition DG
Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa - Director European Central Bank
Jean Clude Trichet - President European Central Bank
Antonio Viterino - European Commissioner Justice and Home Affairs
Gijs de Vries EU - Counter Terrorism Tsar

So not a particularly high turnout this year for the EU, I suppose that they are two busy playing musical chairs.

However a strong turnout from the Media fraternity, C.mon Gideon let us know what you hear in the Charlemagne column, oh I forget you didn't last year.

Journalists going to the ball
Gideon Rachman- Brussels Correspondent, The Economist
Adrain Wooldridge - Foreign Correspondent, The Economist
Martin Wolf – Associate Editor The Financial Times
Gianni Riotta – Editorial Writer Corriere della Serra
Matthias Naas – Deputy Editor Die Ziet
Donald Graham – Chairman Washington Post
Hasan Cemal – Senior Columnist Milliyet
Nicholas Beytout – Editor Les Echos

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