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Friday, June 11, 2004  

A cautious welcome

So the first results come in for the European elections. As expected Paul van Biutenen, the whistleblower, got himself elected in Holland. Clearly a driven man Paul will a constant thorn in the side ofthe Brussels establishment. With him on the Transparent Europe ticket comes Els de Groen. She is primarily known as a children's author, whose work has been translated into a fair few languages. She is also a serial campaigner for Gypsy rights and has taken a very strong line on the Balkans. Many of her rather improving books feature the conflict in Yugoslavia, with a perticular concentrationon Kosovo.
We wait and see how she deals with the Byzantine coils of Brussels. Well done anyway.
On another note the results show that the Government coalition of Harry Potter in the Netherlands has taken a pounding. The Liberal party in particular have lost ground while the socialist have picked up well. On a positive note the Greens have also been given a kicking.
Amusingly the Dutch government has stuck a polite two fingersup at the Commission and its rules. The Commission had made it very clear that alresults would be announced simultaneuosly. Holland felt otherwise and stuck to its own electoral law. The Dutch do seem to be getting uncomfortable under the yoke. Last week their foreign minister, a fellow named Bot made a distinctly Euro-sceptic speech in Berlin, calling for repatriation of powers from Brussels to the Nations. Now this.
Their slogan for the forthcoming Presidency translates as 'Europe - Quite important'. It seems to me that it is Dutch european policy that is 'quite important'.

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