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Monday, June 28, 2004  

Cafe culture in Brussels

Sitting as I do, having coffee, as I do and gossiping to anybody that will talk to me, as I also do, sometimes brings interesting results.

For example I was contemplating a newspaper in some Italian run caf near the seat of all discord that is Rond Point Schumann when two construction workers sat in the table next to mine. The waiter came out and they tried to order. There was, as there often is on these occasions a blank uncomprehending stare.
The navvy went on,
“Anglais? Espanol? Deutch? Nerlandais?”
None of the above worked, so I ordere for him.
It transpired that the two of them were Brits working on the Commission Headquarters building – The Berlyamont is now so many years behind schedule and so many millions over budget that it makes Holyrood look like a good investment). Both of them were multilingual having been working across Europe for years on various sites and in various countries – your real ‘Auf Weidersein Pet’ types.

Apart from the fact that they spent the next hour talk8ing about how they had been considering where the best plavce to lay sleeper bombs in the construction what was remarkable was that they both claimed to have voted UKIP in the European Elections.

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