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Wednesday, June 30, 2004  

Belgian Justice Strikes again

In scenes of wild jubilation amongst those that govern us. Edith "fill this hole and I'll fill your walet" Cresson has been found not guilty of fraud by the Belgian courts. There again these are the same courts that have decided that a political party is illegal because the Prime Minister wants it so.
Now she has to go to her former colleagues to argue her case. Oh right, and they are going to find her guilty. Balls.
Firstly, there are number of them who were sacked with her (kinnock to name just one)
Second, the new boys and girls fromthe Enlargement states will not want tro start off their terms with an embarrasing reminder of corruption.
Thirdly the new Commission is being decided now, and it would be hurtful to them and that nice man Barruso to remind everybody of how bad things have been.

From my vantage point in the cheap area of Brussels I can hear the pails of whitewash being sloshed into the Breydel building now.

posted by Eliab | 2:55 pm
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