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Monday, May 24, 2004  

Tell me I'm dreaming

What odds would you give the Conservatives being the largest party in Scotland? Pretty long ones I would expect. Having been a candidate for the blue corner myself on a couple of occasions in Glasgow I would confirm the suspicion. However this report in yesterday's Scotland on Sunday makes extra-ordinary reading. (sadly link is behind a subscription service)

"POLLSTERS are predicting that next month's European elections could result
in a historic three-way tie in Scotland...

The research suggests that, with the Conservatives benefiting from a revival
and both the SNP and Labour struggling to assert themselves, all three
parties are likely to end up with 25%.

The pollsters even believe that a Tory victory in Scotland on June 10 is

This of course has to be read with all the normal caveats about opinion polling, and of course the expected low turnout and the fact that it onlmy the European elections etc. etc., but still Tories could win an election across Scotland, pinch me now.

posted by Eliab | 2:18 pm
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